Top Three Tips on How to Use Social Media Optimization as an Effective Tool for Your Business.

Social Media Optimization, a dynamic tool, expanding at such a fast pace, isn’t easy to keep up with its ever changing strategies. Now, the mass is majorly shifting from the traditional marketing strategies to Social Media Optimization (SMO); As the stats prove it as a much better & cheaper option to boost any type of business.  It is now a priority for every business to upgrade themselves to the new strategies & practices of SMO, if they don’t want to get cornered. So, we have a few tips for you, which would help you to effectively use Social Media Optimization to boost your business:-

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Visual approach: The visual approach seems to grab a person’s attention much more than the textual one. You must have noticed that many websites have added the live videos feature to their portals-some for entertainment purpose but some are using it for business purpose- such as launching their products live or initiating new campaigns by going live etc. It has enabled the business to get a great amount of attention & the research shows that in 2016, 14% of marketers tried live video in their campaigns. The percentage of business using this technique could rise to 50% because with live video feeds currently available on Twitter, Facebook, Periscope & Instagram, it’s important to target your videos where it matters/ where your audience is present in the mass.  

Engage in with your customers: Look for the platforms where your target audience is consistent. ‘Constant engaging with audience’ is a benefit for your business-time to time updates- maintaining the presence of your brand is what you should do. But always beware of the fact that this constant engaging should never be turned into constant nagging. So, always ask for feedback and follow back to it, ask what people want to see & cater to their needs-give them exactly what they want but without getting spammed.

Timing is the key: It’s always important to show yourself as an active user. These days, startups and small business have been using social media scheduling apps like tailwind for a while, hence making it easier to seem like you are a more active user. You need to make your audience feel that you are ubiquitous. So, schedule your posts, tweets, blogs, mails etc. timely & ensure your business a captive audience.

So, get yourself out there and find the suitable company who could do this job properly & deliver you the desired results. For helpful tips like these or for any assistance, you can also get in touch with us at Mag Studios. We are a Software Development firm in India that works from developing and designing your website to making it go viral.

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