Nokia takes over Withings: Hit pay dirt with ‘Withings’ reputation

With the advent of Nokia’s newly launched phones, the brand just revamped its image in the marketplace too. Nokia just became the talk of the town right after acquiring ‘Withings’. On Tuesday, the brand announced a planned takeover of health and fitness accessory maker ‘Withings’, in a deal valued at €170 million. The health accessory maker had been on Nokia’s buying list since April 2016 and now officially after taking over, Nokia just launched its digital health tracking ambitions by launching two new products.

The first one is Nokia Body, a BMI Wi-Fi connected scale and the second one is Nokia BPM +, a compact blood pressure monitor – adding to the ‘health revolution’ agenda of the health mate app. Both are the first new products born out of the acquisition and are available now under the all-new & rebranded, Health Mate app.

Withings made a variety of health and fitness-related products and were perhaps best known for their Activite hybrid, smartwatch range – an iPhone-compatible smartwatch that kept tracks on the person’s fitness and sleep.

Now that, Withings is no more a brand and Nokia took their tech-reign – How do you think the future of the rebranded company will be?

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