Benefits Of Using Magento For Ecommerce Web Development In India

It is the customer base that is at the root of all successful businesses. Every business aims for a platform that enables it to offer better customer experience, improve productivity and increase sales. It wants to be easily visible and attract potential customers. One such effective platform is the Magento E commerce that has brought a revolution in the e commerce business segment.

If you desire to expand your customer base and increase sales, opt for Magento web development in India. Being a developing country with extreme talents, India has emerged as a promising destination for IT outsourcing. Here are some of the advantages of using Magento for your e commerce business.

A Secured Platform

Magento is a robust platform that enables you to store your customers’ confidential data that include their financial information as well. Despite the fact that cybercrime is growing at a rapid pace, Magento has always managed to close any security loopholes that ever surfaced. Magento keeps on releases security patches for any sort of vulnerability no matter how negligible.

Better Features And Functionalities

It is a rich platform with countless features and functionalities that aim to offer a pleasant e commerce experience. Some of its best features include shopping cart, layered navigation, email list, wish list, product comparisons, SEO friendliness, etc. These are the key features that ensure a great user-experience for your customers thus proving advantageous for your business.

Superb Flexibility

Magento has something to offer to every business. Depending on whether yours is a small or large business you can opt for Magento Go or Magento Enterprise. The versatility of the features enable everyone to run a successful e commerce business. Moreover, the platform is flexible to wide varieties of payment gateways such as Paypal, Worldpay, Google Checkout, etc. It also supports checkout by Amazon unlike other platforms.


Optimization is a breeze with Magento’s numerous functionalities that allow you to improve your search engine rankings. Managing various aspects such as content duplication, page traffic, landing page, etc. are easy to carry out on Magento-based websites. So if yours is a Magento-based site, it has a higher chance of getting indexed by the search spiders.

Multiple Store Management

You can manage multiple stores from a single administrative panel. Its unique product catalogue enables you to create and manage more than one store with great ease and accuracy. This was earlier a challenging task but Magento has simplified the process tremendously.

Google Services Integration

You can integrate a number of Google services with your Magento website such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Checkout, etc. This not only improves the efficiency but also doubles the productivity. You can analyse traffic, produce content based on potential keywords and process orders with ease.

Immense Scope

Magento is a free and open source platform which creates immense scope for further development. The more efficient it gets, the stronger will be your business strategies. Since it is free, it is easily accessible to all so you can give a great start even if it is your newly-started business.


Magento web development simplifies your business and allows you to offer an improved customer experience. You can attract higher number of target audience, promote your brand and increase your sales in a short span.

Magento developers in India have specialized skills needed to design, implement and maintain such websites. Professional firms cater to both domestic and offshore clients through their dedicated teams of developers, designers and marketers.



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