How to check whether your SEO company is right for your business?

  • Lack of Reporting

You have signed the contract with the SEO company and in it, there must be the reporting guidelines. If the company you are working with fails to give you reports, it is difficult to see the outcomes of their efforts. Reports are essential to watching the progress of your SEO campaign and how it is improving traffic, popularity, and even sales.

So, make sure you are getting what you agreed to in the beginning, whether it is quarterly or monthly reports. If the company fails to report you timely, then chances are high, that they are not doing their job properly.

  •  Lack of Communication

Uninterrupted communication is the key. An efficient SEO company will always make themselves easily accessible to their clients, whether by phone, text, or via email. If you have questions, they should be ubiquitous to answer them. Having clear lines of communication when things are going as they should, and if they happen to go awry, is essential to any business relationship.

  • Lack of Social Engagement with Clients

We all know that Social Engagement enables us to gain faster brand awareness and at times, conversions too. It is indeed the quickest way to gain new potential customers.If your SEO company is not active on any of these Social Media Platforms, then there is no reason to continue working with them. It is essential for business growth and definitely maximizes SEO efforts, if they are not doing it, then it’s a big missed opportunity.

  • Lack of New Content

Being consistent with the content is the key. Adding new and innovative content to your site is significant to maintain rankings and gain new customers. New or updated content should continually be added to your website, and the amount and frequency should be decided upon in your contract. While SEO strategies are long-term, there is some work that must be done on a consistent basis.

So, if your company is not doing the SEO work up to the mark, then it’s time to fire them and hire a reliable company for fruitful work. Also, if you are looking for a reliable SEO company, then call us at +91 99100 70501.



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