Major reasons as of why to prefer Android App Development

Smartphones would have been less interesting had it not been for the diverse apps. Yes, mobile apps especially Android apps that capture the major part of the market share are changing lives. Today, having a mobile application is far more profitable than having a mobile website. Improved personalization has significantly enhanced the end-user experience thus benefiting businesses.

Now the question is why you should build an app for Android. Well, here are some of the major reasons.

Big ROI At Low Investment

With a small investment, you can attain huge profit. Being an open source platform, Android allows the developers community free access to its SDK. This significantly reduces the development and licensing costs for developers and this low barrier to entry ultimately benefits your business. The overall cost of development is determined in three stages – development stage, testing stage and lastly, deployment to the app store.

Highly Customizable

Today’s users look for customization so that they get the most out of your product. Here again the platform with its great versatility offers diverse customization tools to developers. It allows them to create apps with varied functionalities and features to make them appealing to the end-users. Your business has wide variety of requirements and if you can incorporate everything on a single platform, it is a deal worth a million dollar!

Hi-tech Security

The platform is highly secure and tries its best to keep malware at bay. Its several layers of protective firewalls provide utmost security to your data. Every step requires your permission before showing up any confidential information so in a way, the responsibility lies with us. Besides, Google keeps rolling out regular security fixes for its Android OS.

Easy To Adopt

Anyone who has a good knowledge of Java can try his/her hands on Android development. For them, the skill is easy to adopt as the applications are scripted in Java. Building an Android app mainly requires the knowledge of Java and XML – Java is used for coding while the later is used for designing which one can easily learn during the process of development. In simple words, you can easily get access to an efficient developer for your business.

Market Share

As of 2016, Android is the most popular mobile OS with more than 80 percent of the global market share. This clearly indicates that building an app for this platform can give you access to a vast audience base unlike any other platform. Getting a chance to offer excellent user-experience to such huge audience can immensely boost your sales.


Android app development will not only boost your brand image but will also enable you to offer far better user-experience. For even more fruitful investment, you can choose to outsource your project in India. The advantages you can avail are quality, cost-effectiveness, infrastructure and talent to name a few.

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