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By electronic commerce, we mean a convention of sale and purchase of products and services and transfer of money over the internet. Diverse companies have started to supply these services, but Mag Studios is here for 15 years, you can trust us for the quality services that we deliver on time. We utilize our own software tools and extend Magento development services to other e-business solution providers.

There is no need to explain the advantages of e-commerce as everyone is aware that technology is ruling every sphere of human life. There are numerous advantages of e-commerce including the 24×7 services. There is no comparison between internet speed and the time you would require to accomplish the task manually. Apart from the pace, you can select from a large number of options. Though there are some shortcomings like you sometimes receive compromised quality of objects, you can contact the organizations which follow easy replacement process and supply better customer services if you are a provider.

Some companies prefer to maintain their websites, but we don’t suggest that. You should not spend your time and energy managing the website and concentrate on your primary business. We advise you to outsource this department and work on your projects which will eventually win more clients.

Types of e-commerce services we offer

  1. B2B – Business to business is a system which allows various businesses to share and transform the information with each other via internet. More than 90% of the total transaction comes under the electronic data change(EDI) or B2B
  2. B2C – In the business to customer solution, the clients gain certain access to the companies’ system.
  3. C2B – Consumer to Business is also based on internet as it allows the client to request specific from the company.
  4. B2E – It is a kind of website where business/owners can connect with their employees. It is also termed as intranet which is operational within the company network, and sometimes by the outsiders if they are granted the access.
  5. C2C – The customer to customer service is utilized where customers can also utilize online platforms to sell their products and services to other customers.

Being one of the top electronic business solution providers, MAG Studios understand the importance of an ecommerce solution which has been made well, regardless of the development platform used, it is the navigation, the presentation and the positioning of an electronic business portal, which eventually drives conversions resulting in an increase in sales and the revenues of the client’s organization.

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