Extranet Portals



Extranet gateway system connects the companies with their clients and business partners. It is an updated version of the intranet as there is a feature with which external users holding the access, can utilize the system. The difference between the intranet and extranet is not huge because the functionality and usability of an Intranet Portal has been enhanced to provide extranet services to the clients. Companies and clients share a secure platform for both and have quick and easy access to information that is important to them. The extranet portals, however, grant the facility to exchange the data outside the company.

Employees, suppliers, partners, and clients can connect and interact from any place at any time since everything is hosted on the internet and is secured by adequate security measures to allow the users with the required access credentials. There are many apps which provide you complete control over the information you require to release to your clients while maintaining the secrecy and security of sensitive data.

Extranet Portals

Some Extranet Portal Applications are:-

  • News
  • Events
  • Products Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • Notifications
  • Other business specific requirements

Extranet or the B2B portal has become a central requirement for businesses and companies, and Mag Studios is extending them along with other Software development services. There are numerous intentions behind engaging with extranet portals  including the following:

  • Connect business with their clients, partners, and merchants.
  • Safeguard the shared documents and information
  • Regular update of technology and features
  • Provides software for the inter-company exchange of data
  • Increasing efficiency by saving time and resources

We provide customized software based on the company requirements which lets you can share the access with people outside the staff such as your frequent customers, service providers, or partners, etc. Contact MAG Studios to get an extranet developed to afford superior experience for your clients and convert the benefits extended to them into more sales revenues. For more information on MAG Studios Extranet Software Solutions, please contact one of MAG Business Consultants at +91-9910070501.

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