Software Development

Software Development

Back in the days when one referred to software development, there was awe and excitement all around. Software was considered to be for the few who could spend a lot of money and the value of people who were developing software’s was a lot, considered to be very intelligent and also very expensive.

I am in no way saying that software developers are not intelligent, we are a company full of the best brains in the industry and are hard core and qualified software engineers, but software is not that elusive thing any more. No matter what you do, how you do it and on which platform (i.e locally on your computer, across continents over the internet or using your mobile smartphones or the not so smart ordinary phones) every thing is already running softwares and there is an ever growing need and demand for softwares.

We, at MAG assist you with increasing your organization’s efficiency, lowering your day-to-day running cost and increasing your productivity and revenue.

With over 50+ man-years experience collectively amongst the founders of MAG and an extensive education background (engineering from IIT’s, MBA and Phd’s from the best universities of USA) we are very different from your neighbouring software development company. We have a process of development, we have experience in development and we have a vision, a vision which we use for our your growth and in turn our growth as well.

Currently we are assisting Furtune 500 companies and also start-up’s with their software requirements. We believe that if you can do it on paper using a manual process, we can automate the process for you, which will assist you in increasing your productivity, increasing your efficiency and in turn increasing your revenues.

MAG can assist you with

  • CRM Systems
  • Internal Company Intranet Systems
  • Client Extranet Systems
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Android Platform
  • Blackberry Platform
  • iPAD and iPHONE Application development
  • Windows Mobile Development
  • Workflows Softwares

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