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Why work with MAG Studios?

MAG Studios is a Technology Consulting company focusing on mobile application development (iOS and Android), website development, workflow software development and digital marketing services. We are spearheaded by IIT graduates with over 40+ years experience and have experience in working with Fortune 500 companies and also startups all over the globe. With presence all over the world and an extremely strong and capable leadership, we are poised to deliver the technology solution you are looking for.

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Years of Experience

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What are we known for?

Website Development

We have been making websites for a very long time. When websites and web design were considered a luxury, we were making them, now that websites are a necessity for every business, we are still making them. We have learnt and evolved our website making process over the years and improved and delivered in our hundreds of implementations till date. We are in tune with the latest standards and practices and are also constantly upgrading our skill-sets to ensure that our website product is optimally placed to deliver results for you.  

Mobile Development

Android and iOS smartphones have taken over our lives. Everything from our daily dose of news to our work and social lives are dependent on them. Why don’t we put your businesses in their smartphones and take you to your clients where they expect to see you.
MAG Studios is a Mobile Application Development Company in India and understands this shift in technology and the requirements of the end user and has thus created a strong and efficient team to cater to just the mobile platforms. Be it iOS or Android, MAG has deployed numerous applications covering a vast variety of business functions and processes.

Software Development

Back in the days when one referred to software development companies, there was awe and excitement all around. Software development was considered to be for the few who could spend a lot of money, but software is not that elusive any more. No matter what you do, how you do it and on which platform (i.e locally on your computer, across continents over the internet or using your mobile smartphones or the not so smart ordinary phones) every thing is already running software’s development products and there is an ever growing need and demand for software development services.

Digital Marketing

Almost everyone has a website, all your competitors do, but are they all visible online? More importantly, ARE YOU VISIBLE ONLINE?
Online Marketing and Promotion involves all activities that ensure that your web entity is ranked amongst the top of search engine – making it easily available and accessible by known and unknown web visitors who are your target market.

Intranet Solutions

Defined as a private space that gives company personnel the ability to categorize, distribute, aggregate and manage information, an intranet enables you to manage documents, share calendars and provides a medium for various other collaborations in a user friendly browser based environment.
Since an Intranet leverages the immense power of the internet, it can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world.

CRM Systems

A CRM Software System captures all aspects of interaction a company has with its clients. A CRM automates the functions of Sales, Marketing and Support and helps make them efficient and more effective. CRM is gaining increasing importance in this competitive world. All customers want to be treated individually. On the other hand the organizations want to consolidate all the efforts spent on an account and want to leverage collaborative focus on the customers.

Our Story

Long long time ago, our founder and chief Mentor Dr. Lalit Kumar Kapur did his engineering from IIT and then went on to do his MBA and PhD from Kent State University, Ohio. After completing a lot of education, he moved back to India and worked with the likes of ABC Consulting, TCS, XANSA in management positions before setting up MAG Studios. At MAG, he successfully delivered projects in USA, UK, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and India. Over the years, MAG has worked with BBC, Citi Group, Thompson Press, YOU Telecom, Universities all over the world, State Governments and very cool and exciting startups providing them with Software Development, Mobile Application Development and Digital Marketing services.

To give you an idea of the overall experience MAG has, MAG has worked with FoxPRO and is now working with the latest frameworks and technologies. Between FoxPRO and now, the founder has acquired more than 40+ years of industry experience and has successfully setup a very efficient and capable team consisting of software engineers from the top universities in the world and management guru’s providing business and technology consulting for the best possible solutions for our customers.

At MAG Studios, we take pride in our work and go the extra mile to ensure that our solutions are aimed towards not just achieving the business objectives of our customers, but also allow them to grow and increase their revenues. We are known for our awesome customer support and after sales service and are always ready to assist new and existing clients with their questions and queries.

We have plans of opening our own development centers in USA and UK by 2024 and are on track to achieve our goals.

Happy Customers

Our Clients Love Us

Premier Eye

MAG Studios has been instrumental in working with us to define the scope of our products and implementing it to our satisfaction. We enjoy working with them and will recommend them to others also.

Mr. Abhijeet Ahluwalia


MAG has been working with us to develop our phone app and desktop app. They are able to understand our requirements and deliver to our expectations. Good work and will definitely continue working with them.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi


MAG Studios developed multiple eCommerce systems for our paintball sales business. We are happy with their work and their ability to understand our market and language (French). All the best to them.

Mr. Fabien Culiviez

BOP Realty

MAG has been working with us since 2007 and has been involved in multiple projects for BOP. From a simple website to our backend systems, MAG has created and maintained all our systems and continue to do so. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Mr. Gaurav Mavi

Insight Alpha

MAG Studios has been our technology partner for the last 8 years.  They have built websites and back-end software systems for us and provide support and excellent advice all the time.

Mr. Sharat Mathur

Renaissance Realty Inc

We have been working with MAG Studios for over 8 years now.  They have kept us up-to date with the latest technologies in the market and have always delivered.  They manage our entire web presence, including digital marketing and have been a great addition to our team.

Mr. Bharat Mehra

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