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“Websites have now been around for ages – but not all of them achieve the objective for which they were created – we at MAG ensure that your website delivers for YOU”

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We have been developing websites for a very long time. When websites were considered a luxury, we were making them, now that websites are a necessity for every business, we are still making them. We have learnt and evolved our website development process over the years and improved and delivered thousands of implementations till date. We are in tune with the latest standards and practices and are also constantly upgrading our skill-sets to ensure that the website developed for our client is optimally designed and implemented to deliver results for them.

We, at MAG Studios, don’t just develop websites, we develop web presence and website solutions which deliver results. Be it in the form of spreading brand awareness or attracting – converting and retaining new clients, our website development services work and deliver the end objective for which they were conceptualized and developed.


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Depending on our clients requirements, a suitable team is assigned to work with the clients in the initial phase to identity the objectives and plan a strategy to achieve goals – we provide insights and in cases do competitive analysis to ensure that the features which go into making your website entity are efficient and planned to deliver the best user experience for your target market and get the best returns for you.

MAG has successfully completed website designing projects for clients like BBC, Citi and some of the largest retail houses and universities across the globe. Yes, across the globe! – MAG Studios has deployed websites in all continents, and has worked with fortune 500 companies and also with start-ups and mid-range organizations.

With countless website implementations under its own name and numerous more while supporting other big and famous IT companies across the globe, MAG has experience and the required know how to design and develop your website.

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