Pay Per Click Campaigns


increase your sales leads immediately with a reduction in your advertising budget – with complete transparency of every penny spent

In Pay Per Click, as the name suggests, we post advertisements and your website link on Google, Bing, YouTube, and many other social platforms and you have to pay a certain amount whenever a new user visits your website. It is an advertising mechanism offered by different portals to quickly and efficiently advertise your products in front of the millions of users who are searching for your products online. This strategy is an addition to the traditional Search Engine Optimization techniques and is very useful for new product launches, seasonal searches in comparatively quick turnaround time.

Benefits of hiring pay per click campaigns

  • Enhances the web presence
  • You can target audience looking for specific services
  • Reach the potential consumers on time
  • Simplifies to process to measure Return on Investment(ROI)
  • Boost the exposure of your brand
  • Fast way to increase traffic
  • Budget-friendly and worth the investment
  • Target local or global viewers

What makes us unique?

Mag Studios has been leading these campaigns for our clients for plenty of years and have mastered this technique to get the maximum benefits with the minimum click cost and lowest possible budget. We are managing several campaigns range from a modest budget to a huge advertising budget and have the expertise to deliver the best results by supplying the E-commerce services as it is high time for you to launch your business on the internet.

This is how we facilitate above services

  • Keyword research to guess the users’ want
  • We post your ads on relevant search engines
  • Use recent tools and technology
  • Employ unique ideas for ads
  • Target views who have searched for similar products and services

We also offer clients the unique opportunity to maintain their own Google AdWords account and manage it for them – thus ensuring complete transparency and accountability of every penny spent and giving you the guarantee that the leads generated from your money are only and only for you.

We have hired certified professionals to manage your campaigns which are essential for your business. You can contact MAG Studios at +91 9910070501 for Pay Per Click Campaigns and reduce your spend and increase your revenues today.

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