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Gone are the days when producers, manufacturers or the service providers were at the driver’s  seat, today customer is the king. The current trends in the market exhibit fierce completion amongst the sellers in vying for customers. In this cut throat situation where even a small lead may result in enormous gain for the organization in terms of sales and service it becomes mandatory to put in place a system that could intelligently track, organize and synchronize the processes in a way that no prospective customer is lost.   Thus comes into picture the development of a software namely “Customer Relationship Management Software” or simply put CRM tool that could make handling the customers more effective.


The need of the hour is to put in place all the processes be it lead generation, sales, support or customer retention under efficient surveillance. Thus an apt CRM system should have the following modules to assist the enterprise:

1. Sales Force Automation: This module takes care of the activities obtaining around pre sales and sales stage Tracking leads, assigning sales force to specific leads, forecasting sales, generating quotes and maintaining a close contact with the customer are some of the levels at which an SFA module works.

2. Marketing Automation:  An effective CRM should be able to track the efficacy  of various marketing campaigns be they emails, social media or  tele calling. Conclusions drawn on the basis of the results thus generated can help the enterprise to understand the psyche of an existing or prospective customer and thus improve its marketing strategies.

3. Customer Service Management: Since a customer is at the core of any business, this module helps the vendor to keep one’s customer satisfied. This CRM module specifically works on handling customers queries and grievances and thus retain the customer base.

However, all the above automations may not be effective unless the data generated using them can be analyzed properly and strategies made accordingly. Here comes in the need of imbibing analytics into the CRM modules so that market trends can be forecasted and the business can see increase in sales. Furthermore for a business to be successful all data generated by the above automations and analysis should be collaborated by maintaining  a platform whereby all the users can interact.

We at Mag Studio, make sure that we customize and implement the CRM solution according to our client’s individual needs, since an effective CRM solution is not only a requirement but “the lifeline of a business unit”.

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